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Cooling System Maintenance

Cooling System Maintenance

Did you know that almost 70% of the energy produced by the gasoline in your vehicle is converted to heat? For this reason, there is a whole system in dedicated to keeping it at an ideal operating temperature: your cooling system. The cooling system starts with the coolant/anti-freeze in your car. It is carried through the engine where it absorbs the excess heat and carries it to the radiator (usually located at the front of your vehicle in the grill). The cooling system's second most important job is providing you with heat in the winter. To do this, the coolant can be diverted to the heater core (located inside your dashboard) where your blower motor pushes the warm air through you vents.

To keep your cooling system at its best, we recommend the following:

  • Have the boiling and freezing temperatures, as well as the pH level, checked on a regular basis. A coolant flush at factory recommend intervals will help keep these numbers balanced. 
  • Check the belt driving your water pump (what pushes the coolant through your engine) and the hoses attached to your radiator. Replace any of these parts when the belt starts to crack or fray and when the hoses start leaking or getting soft.
  • Have the water pump checked. The water pump is the heart of your cooling system, it pumps the coolant through the coolant pipes, carrying it where it needs to go. Replace your water pump when it starts to go bad to prevent your vehicle from overheating.
  • Have the radiator cleaned of any debris that may be floating around (caused by a low pH or pieces of old hose). A coolant flush will also take care of this issue.
  • Have your radiator fan checked. If your fan is not working, the heat may not be coming out of your coolant, and could possibly lead to an overheated engine. Replace your fan, or any pieces to it, as needed.
  • Check your thermostat for normal operation. If your thermostat sticks (open or closed) you could do permanent damage to your engine. Also, in some cars, the thermostat housing may be causing problems. Replace both parts as needed. 
  • Always check for external leaks. If there is a puddle (or even just a spot) under your vehicle, it should be checked out  for the source.

We know it is important for your vehicle to be in the best working order that it can be. If you run into, or suspect, any of these problems, call or email us to set up an appointment or inspection. 

To see the coolant system in progress check out this great animation!

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